Orchards are a good source of burdock, salsify


When you’re looking for burdock root or salsify, you’ll find them at the Orchard Farms stand at the Sevastopol Farmer’s Market on Sundays. If you subscribe to the ASC farm program, you have already received some this season.

If, on the other hand, you shake your head and wonder what burdock root and salsify are, let me explain. Salsify, sometimes referred to as oyster or vegetable oyster, is a pale-skinned root that looks like a strange long carrot. It is high in fiber, very low in calories and contains iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and other trace elements. It can be eaten raw but is most often peeled, poached and served as an accompaniment; it is also good poached and sautéed in brown butter.

Burdock root has a similar nutritional profile and also contains magnesium and phosphorus. It is often brewed to make tea and is included in a wide variety of Asian soups. It can also be peeled, cut into matches and poached or sautéed.

In addition to these two delicious and nutritious roots, Ken Orchard and his team are currently harvesting celeriac, golden beets, beets, leeks, lamb’s lettuce, celery, scarlet cauliflower, romanesco broccoli, head lettuce, turnips, thyme and Italian parsley. and curly parsley. There’s also bok choy and Brussels sprouts, sold loose, not on the stalk.

The farm produces year round, but things have slowed down over the past two weeks.

“The Sevastopol farm is completely saturated right now,” farmer Ken Orchard said last week, “to the point that it’s difficult to walk through.” He doesn’t complain, he just explains.

Ken Orchard operates 8 ½ acres in Sevastopol and another 25 acres in Calistoga and has a long passionate commitment to producing certified organic food for as many people as possible.

A dozen restaurant chefs regularly buy from him, in the markets he frequents.

Currently, the farm has a number of openings in its subscription program. The fees vary a bit depending on the month and location. A January membership, for example, costs $ 57 for Sebastopol members and $ 63 for Santa Rosa members. Prices go up and down depending on the monthly premium. The products are delivered either to your home or to a nearby pick-up point. There is also a pickup option at the farm. The best way to register is to find out about CSA at orchard-farms.com, then call 823-6528, rather than posting your registration form or registering online.

Orchard Farms, founded in 1994 and owned and operated by Ken Orchard, attends the Marin Civic Center Farmers Market on Thursdays and Sundays and the Sebastopol Farmers Market on Sundays.

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